Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Winuall?

Winuall is an ed-tech platform which provides a ready-to-use online teaching app and website in your brand name which will help you to build your own brand. You can use the app and website to take live classes, sell online courses, create batches, take attendance, send assignments, and collect fees.

2) Why should I teach online while I already have an offline classroom setup?

As you already know, pandemic changed the way we do everyday tasks, even the way we run our businesses. Most of the tutors and coaching institutes have already switched to online classes. The world is already accustomed to online teaching. Even if things become normal, we will still see the hybrid model of offline + online classes.

Whatever the case may be, online classes are the present and will be an important aspect in the future. By starting to teach online you are gearing up for the changes, in other words, you are becoming FUTURE READY.

3) What is a branded app?

Let’s say the name of your coaching institute is Anand Institute of Digital Marketing. You will get a separate app with your own institute name. The app will be available in Google Play Store under your own brand name. You don’t have to use a generic app which doesn’t mean anything to your brand.

4) Who should get their own branded app and website?

Anyone who teaches online or wants to teach online, any institute which takes online classes or wants to have their online presence should have their own app and website. We are living in a world where brand identity is as important as personal identity. So, it becomes very important to have your own online teaching app and website in your brand name.

5) I don’t teach online but I want to sell on-demand courses or content. Can I still use Winuall?

Yes, the app and website which is provided to you also comes with an online store. You can create your own courses and publish them on your own store. We also have a global store where you can publish your course to reach a wider range of audiences. The global store gets students from across the world, so you will find more potential customers there.

6) How can Winuall help me?

Let’s say you are using zoom to take live classes, excel sheets to manage batches and mark attendance, WhatsApp to share assignments, Google forms to conduct quizzes, and UPI to collect fees. You are wasting a lot of your valuable time on multiple solutions which will increase the efforts for you while leaving you confused at times. With your own all-in-one branded app and website, you can do all these things from a single platform and you can automate a lot of tasks. This saves a lot of time and effort while increasing efficiency.

7) Once I get my branded app and website, will you help me with the marketing?

Yes, we know marketing can do wonders for your business. We also provide digital marketing services which will help you create a social media presence, generate leads, and build brand awareness at a fraction of the cost.

8) Will you help me understand the app and use it properly?

Of course, we do. We will give a thorough demonstration of the product and walk you through each and every feature. Once onboarded, we will also follow up with you to make sure you don’t face any problems.

This is about onboarding. We have separate teams for onboarding and client assist, making sure you won’t face problems at any step.

9) What to do if I face any issues after getting my app and website?

With our single window ticket system, all your queries will be addressed at once by our client assist team. We have a dedicated team to assist our clients. Once a query is generated, our dedicated client assist team will reach out to you immediately and get your issues fixed.