What are the Best JEE Classes in UAE?

JEE is the only way to get an admission in one of the prestigious engineering programs at the IITs. While many students look at the exam as a gateway to becoming a technology professional revered in the world, it is a ladder of social mobility for many other students. That is the reason why every year, the competition for a few coveted seats gets fiercer.

Historically, IITs’ acceptance rates have gone as low as 0.7%, which is several multitudes lesser than the acceptance rates for Ivy League Institutions in the USA and Oxbridge in the UK. With close of 30% of its population constituting the Indian diaspora, there is a clear need for JEE preparation resources in the UAE.

If you have been looking for a comprehensive coaching program that will help you with the theoretical understanding, concept clarity, mock exams, and preparation strategizing in a way that yields tangible results, this guide will give you an informed perspective.

How to Evaluate a JEE Training Institute in the UAE?

Several academic institutions have set up platforms in UAE to look at the need for infrastructure and resources that help students prepare for JEE. As you navigate the long list of such programs, use these parameters to narrow down your eventual shortlist:

1. Years of Experience

While the preparatory material for JEE can be commoditized, the teaching methods and an intuitive understanding of what does the exam constitutes help the coaching center give you a more wholesome and yet relevant preparatory experience. Go for coaching centers that have been successfully operating for more than 5 JEE testing cycles.

2. Class Size

It is important to take up a program that suits your learning patterns. If you prefer studying in small groups, a classroom setup would be perfect for you. If you seek more personalized attention, an investment in personal tutoring will serve you better. Some coaching centers conduct classes on a massive scale, with the number of attendees going well beyond 100 students. Make sure you take a demonstration class to understand whether this can work for you or not.

3. Mode of Training

The online-offline debate does not have a decisive end. Generally, a hybrid model where you can use online resources for revision and conceptual clarity and offline resources for doubt-resolution can be the optimal way to plan for our preparation.

4. Program-Length and Topic Coverage

Most IIT-JEE preparatory programs last for more than one year. Some students start as early as the first day of their high-school. Taking more time to prepare for the program can help you go through the curriculum and go through enough mock tests by the time the exam day arrives. Along with the program’s length, pay special attention to the frequency of the classes and the topic coverage. You may need extra help with quite a few topics. Make sure the program has enough space to help you with that. Most crash courses do not have such facilities available.

5. Quality of Teaching

While this is a very implicit metric, it has a major impact on the success rate for students. When you are attending demo-lectures, take special notes for understanding the teacher’s clarity of concepts and communication skills. For a long time, these would be the two sources of learning for you.

Best JEE Coaching Classes in UAE

Here is a shortlist of institutions that are providing consistent, tested, and comprehensive training for JEE to expedite your research. The shortlist consists of online, offline, and hybrid courses to help you find the right option in line with your learning methods:

1. Ask IITians: Abu Dhabi Centre

Ask IITians has a very strong brand in the academic training circles. It is considered to be one of the most prominent training centers primarily because a team of 90 IITians started it. Hence, each module and the subject-delivery system has been designed by the people who have been through the process and have cracked the exam.

The program offers early-age preparatory courses for students from Class VI to Class X, a two-year course for students who have cleared Class X and a one-year course for students who have cleared Class XI. The institute designs its classroom hours to accommodate the schooling schedules of children in Abu Dhabi.

2. Ascentria, Dubai

Ascentria is one of the few dedicated institutions in Dubai. The institute is approved by KHDA. The institute can serve as a holistic learning platform for students who are in high-school, college, or even in working. Many students appear for JEE multiple times and may need special programs to crack it through. Since Ascentria is providing programs across the board, it can help such students fulfill their IIT ambitions. The institute has consistently posted a 75% success rate for Mains and 30% for Advance, which means nearly 22% of students at the institute are able to get into IITs.

The institute provides significant value by offering Class 10 and 12 CBSE tutoring. This way, the students can prepare for their board exams and use the same training environment to prepare for IIT-JEE. Students who may want to go for an MBA or appear for CAT will be able to use the grades attained in boards.

3. Meccademia

Meccademia is one of the oldest educational brands in UAE, having offered preparatory courses for entrance tests and other competitive exams for the past 11 years. This tenure has ensured that the testing materials, pedagogy, and course content have been through several cycles of testing. With student and faculty feedback, the institute has developed an intuitive sense of what does the test demand from a student.

Unlike other programs, the institute’s program has only one iteration, and it runs for two years. Students are expected to join as soon as they start their Class XI studies and are expected to finish the program by the end of Class XII, with adequate training attained to appear for the exam and crack it.

4. Others

Some other prominent institutes are Knowledge Planet and TestPrep Kart. Many prominent institutes like Resonance, Aakash, Allen, and others have started opening campuses in the UAE. If you can extract adequate value with online learning, you can practically access the online programs run by most of these institutes from the comfort of your home in UAE.

While selecting the right coaching institute is a critical step, it’s still an initial step for an almost 2-year journey. All above average institutes will be able to provide you with considerable resources to clear your concepts, solve your doubts, and test your understanding. Eventually, you have to ascertain the optimal strategy to help you maximize your scores.

Pay close attention to revising and finding gaps in your understanding. Most students are able to complete the syllabus but find it challenging to apply the right concepts and retain the necessary concepts. Build a study group of students coming from backgrounds similar to yours, and you will have a comparable plan whenever you believe your studying strategy is not working.

JEE can be the stepping stone to four years of great learning and discoveries. But, it can be attained only if you treat it as a marathon where planning and consistency beat the sprints and hacks. Feel free to share your personal experience or the experience your students may have had. Write to us at anoushka.chopra@winuall.com

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