Online tutoring presents a gamut of opportunities for teachers as well as students. Tutoring students has its own advantages – it eliminates the wastage of precious tutoring hours in traveling between appointments and takes away the pain of cancellations. Nevertheless, when it comes to making a complete shift to online teaching, we still confront a few challenges, and here is our attempt to help you overcome them.

There are two kinds of methods – asynchronous and synchronous. Some subjects might be elementary to teach online using asynchronous content delivery methods like pre-recording sessions. In contrast, other sessions require synchronous content delivery, where the teacher has to engage with students. Both these methods can be enhanced using different technologies by following up on each session via quizzes.

Breaking the ice and forming a connection with a new student can become challenging without being present in a room. The reason for this can be the absence of nonverbal cues and strong communication via body language. Due to the lack of in-person supervision, there will undoubtedly be distracting windows open on your student’s screen, which can be solved using new tools changing the teaching techniques to two-way engagement.

To ensure the engagement of students, it’s imperative to judge the performance of students regularly. At the same time, the students must enjoy taking the quizzes, ensuring maximum engagement.

Below are some tools that can help gamification as well as capturing the learning status of your students.

Kahoot! – gamification ensuring attention

Kahoot is an exciting app that can create synchronous as well as asynchronous quizzes. It can be timed and be used to create a classroom-like environment. Showing leaderboards and scores where students can compete regularly provides a boost for taking more quizzes.

Google Forms

Google form is a free tool that can be used for taking quizzes. It automatically marks the examinations ensuring the teacher’s time is used in only making questions and content.

Quizworks – fun learning on phones

If you are looking for a quizzing solutions partner as a coaching institution, you can also check out Quizworks. It is a digital quizzing product for large enterprises in India. They have engaged a million-plus audience through their digital quizzing initiatives. Each of the quizzing solutions is custom developed for clients focussed on students, customers, and employees.

Google Meet

Suppose you are thinking of online tutoring either as an individual or as an organization. In that case, it’s essential to have a live interaction. Google meet provides high-quality video calling for up to 100 participants. The in-call chat functions can be used for asking questions during the sessions without disturbing the class.

The sessions can be recorded, making it easy to revisit the older classes for the students. They can also be used by tutors for video making and record keeping.


Youtube is a great marketing tool in which you can share some sample content for prospective customers with an appropriate call to action buttons. It can also help you organize events or live sessions where students can experience how your one on one sessions can be. These live events can also engage your existing customers along with new leads.

The online content creation, which is open for all to access, actually helps in building a strong brand. You can share private videos with paid members. This feature is paired with a CTA button encouraging viewers to become paid members. It can go a long way in ensuring a premium experience on a public platform.


With the UPI infrastructure setup by NPCI, there are no payment charges for merchants. Collect requests can be scheduled and paid as per requirement and convenience. The in-app integration for seamless fund collection results in no risk of storing the customer’s virtual address.

This can also be used to tap customers not having credit/debit cards and power secure instant payments.

Winuall – All in One

Winuall has all the features you require for a successful online tutoring business. It offers tutor benefits like creating quizzes, collecting fees, and create live classes, management of batches, notification, data security, and much more. We can also set up an online store with access to 5 lakh+ questions and the ability to develop our own test series, daily practice tests, and assignments. The best part is that they provide 24X7 support ensuring the best experience for students as well as the tutoring business. 

After setting up an online business and drawing in an audience with the best marketing, there is a need to showcase all the offerings in one place. Winuall makes it possible for all of us tutors!

Teaching online provides more opportunities, but at the same time, it is a much more competitive space as compared to offline teaching. In such a competitive environment popularising your brand to prospective students is essential to get enough enrollments.

We understand that the times today are tough and all of us need to get together and help each other as much as we can to get on to the right track. In case you have suggestions for any more such tools for tutors, write to us at

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