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Over the last several decades, technology has altered the way we do things. Smartphones, apps, and the internet have been making an impact in every sphere of life. Education is also not untouched by this wave. Internet and especially YouTube, has impacted our ways of learning things like never before. From learning to hold a cricket bat to learning about parenthood, people use YouTube all the time. More than 1 billion hours of video is being watched on YouTube every day, which is far more than the amount watched on Facebook and Netflix combined. Also, YouTube has a much higher engagement rate with 18-49 year-olds than any other CABLE TV or broadcast network.

As an educator, YouTube presents a fabulous opportunity to build your brand. If you can produce video content, which is easier than ever due to high-quality cameras in a smartphone, YouTube is going to be a critical platform for you. Developing a presence on YouTube will maximize your reach and exposure and contribute to a more reputable brand.

Here is how can you enhance your coaching class brand using YouTube:

  1. Create your YouTube channel: Step number 1 for creating a brand on YouTube is to build your business channel. That’s actually a cakewalk as YouTube makes it damn easy. Within a few minutes, you can set up your new channel. Here are a few instructions to create your channel:
    • Sign in to YouTube and click on the user icon 
    • Click on the gear icon
    • Click on Create a new channel
    • Choose “Use a business or other name.”
    • Add your Brand name and click create
  2. Add your coaching details: It’s damn important to fill out your profile and channel description to start building your credibility. It would be best if you described what your institute teaches and what you would be sharing on your channel. You can also supplement links to your website, Facebook page, and twitter handle. 
  3. Create original content: The first step towards creating a following on YouTube is to create the content that your users want to see. Please don’t focus on creating videos about your service or product and try to sell them. People seldom watch a video that is trying to sell something to them. If you teach a course, try uploading a video of one of your best classes on YouTube and make it public. This will generate a lot of curiosity for students using YouTube. They might want to learn other concepts from you. Similarly, you can answer a few difficult questions through your videos to attract visitors to your channel.  
  4. Never Overlook SEO: There are millions of videos uploaded on YouTube every day. Hence, your videos should be easily searchable on YouTube. You can optimize them by including relevant keywords in titles, sub-headings, meta descriptions, and tags. Also, make sure that these videos line up with your coaching institute’s business and marketing strategies. With proper and robust SEO, your videos will have a substantial impact on your marketing. Here is an interesting post on SEO by us.
  5. Focus on Building your credibility: Building online credibility of your coaching class should be the primary focus when you are using YouTube. Credibility is related to the originality and quality of your content. Put enough effort to make your videos engaging and sometimes even entertaining. Also, if you can afford, try to have high-quality audio and video recording. No one likes to watch a blurry video with background noise!

Bonus – Here is a pretty useful video for you to know more about starting an education channel.

To conclude, YouTube is a pivotal platform for educators to build brand awareness and generate leads. A strong brand leads to better business as a whole. Use YouTube boldly and create a strong brand!

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