Top 6 Apps for Teachers by Government of India

App for Teachers from Government of India

The world is taking a shift to be more digitized. And while the pandemic did play a significant role in it, the change was long due anyway. The advancement of technology urges each one to keep up with it. And that’s exactly what has inspired quite a few changes in the world and in the working of things. With many things taking a shift to the e-platforms, including the budget being read through a tablet instead of the traditional cloth ledger, it is a clear indication of change and advancement. 

And when everything else is going through the cycle of change why shouldn’t there be a change in the way one teaches/ learns?! Thus, online teaching is yet another change that got normalized lately. And it certainly isn’t a temporary shift caused due to the covid days, but rather one that is here to stay. The Budget ‘22 recognising it in the form of establishing the Digital DESH e-portal and ‘One Class One TV Channel‘, proves that the government acknowledges it just as much as any of us. And to support this, the government of India has already created a few apps for teachers.

What are some app for teachers?

Here’s a list of 6 apps that might be of help to you:

  4. CBSE Saransh
  5. ePathshala
  6. Shiksha Mitra


Teachers can use this app, created in association with NCERT, to self-assess their performance. Thus, it helps them better themselves by making a constant effort to reach the highest levels. It can also help them get appraisals from their superiors or mentors.

Feedback always helps you get better at your work. And imagine being able to get feedback with ease via a digital platform.   


Nishtha - app for teachers

Most simply explained this is a capacity-building programme designed for teachers. The aim is to improve the quality of Secondary Education through Integrated Teacher Training in order to boost competency. 

It helps train them in a manner that one is prepared for school assessments, learning outcomes, new initiatives in education, diverse needs of children, and more such necessary skills. 


Diksha app

We have witnessed quite a paradigm shift towards digitalization in recent years. And DIKSHA is a National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers, designed to help teachers across the country become well equipped with these advanced digital technologies. 

This portal enables, accelerates and amplifies solutions in the realm of upskilling teachers. Furthermore, this app for teachers also offers engaging learning material that are relevant to the school curriculum. Teachers, students and parents can download the app and scan the QR code present in the textbooks for easy access to all the lessons.  



This is an online facility provided by the government for schools affiliated with CBSE. It helps teachers review and analyze their students’ performance over the years. It also helps bring teachers and parents closer to monitor and discuss their wards’ progress. 

Imagine having all of a ward’s performances in scholastic and co-scholastic areas at one place! That’s what the CBSE Saransh site makes possible.  


learning on the go

This is a portal/ app for teachers that was developed in November 2015 by CIET and NCERT, in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resource Development. ePathshala provides access to digital textbooks, learning material, and enables participation in exhibitions, contests, festivals, workshops and more. So, as a teacher, you could simply notify your students about the books that they can refer to from here and help them reach study material with ease.    

Shiksha Mitra – App for Teachers 

app for teachers

This initiative first started in Kolkata in 2005 as a non-profit open school centre. Over the years it has grown to be a platform to provide training to teachers. It also helps them share details and grievances with students and their parents, and more. It also enables parents to analyze their child’s performances, monitor progress and take remedial measures. 

Lately, other states too have taken up this app for teachers. Govt. of Karnataka too launched it in August 2020.    

Conclusion to app for teachers

However, if you are looking for a private app for teachers apart from these government-initiated options, one such option for online tutors’ is Winuall. This e-platform provides teachers with an all-in-one online teaching app and website to carry out all their activities. From live classes, to recorded sessions, fee collections reminders and discussions with parents. You can do it all via this one app. 

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