Tips on Constructive Feedback – conveying to students in the right way.

constructive feedback

A feedback is any response from a teacher to a student on the basis of his/her behaviour and performance. The students are only just learning. It is essential for us tutors to not only be their teachers but also their mentors. We need to guide them at every step of every way. For this, it is important to keep timely checks and provide constructive feedback to students.

Giving them feedback will not just help them improve but also learn to have a “I can do this” attitude. However, we want to make sure that your feedback and what the students comprehend are in sync. There is always a high chance of misunderstanding if we do not go about the right way. While the approach may differ from tutor to tutor, here are a few tips that will help you construct your feedback in the best manner.

It should be 1 on 1

This gives you an opportunity to provide detailed and personalised feedback. Students may not be comfortable in receiving feedback in front of their classmates. It is best to be alone with them while discussing their probable weaknesses and how they can work on them.

Giving feedback is a dialogue, and indulging in it 1 on 1 will help you connect with the student as well as build a relationship of trust and comfort.

Let it be Conversational

If it is just you that is speaking and giving feedback, the student may lose interest. Make sure that you ask the student for his opinions and what he feels about the feedback that you are giving.

Try and create such an environment where they feel comfortable in sharing their point of views too. Sometimes, if the children disagree, the best way is to try and understand why they think what they think. Ask constructive questions that will help guide the student better.

Lead with the Good

We want to make sure that the student does not doubt himself. When you begin the conversation by pointing out chapters where the student excelled or did well, the child develops a growth minded approach. Once he knows his positives, he will be more open to listening to feedback in order to improve his existing skills.

Make it Actionable

It is you who can help students understand how they can implement the feedback received. Do not only tell them where they lack but also take out time to decide on a proper course of action. You need to make sure that you are clear and specific when it comes to discussing about learning goals and skills.

Encourage Peer Feedback

Believe it or not, students listen to their friends more than their teachers. Since they are of the same age group, their way of conveying feedback is different than ours. It is a good idea to set an example and teach all your students how giving feedback works. You can keep weekly or monthly feedback sessions, where each students gets a peer and both of them are evaluated by one another.

Monitor these sessions for a few months and make changes accordingly.

Peer feedback
Check for Understanding

It is important to make sure that you and your student are on the same page. Question the student, ask him again and again if he understands what you are saying. You need to be patient and understand that it is okay to repeat the feedback more than once. Sometimes, not working towards the feedback given is a result of miscommunication and opinions not being conveyed correctly.

Make it 2 way – Ask what feedback they have for you

Students deserve to share their opinions and experience too. They will appreciate you even more when you give them a chance to give you feedback. The best way to go about this is to collect feedback anonymously. This will help students open up and realise their feedback matters too. Moreover, you will also get a fair idea on how you are doing as a teacher.

Giving feedback to teachers

At the end of the day, students depend on you to help them out with various challenges that they maybe facing. The best way for you to make sure that your feedback is complete and relevant is to keep a note of each child individually. Feedback will help them sharpen their skills and achieve success.

Always remember, do not only talk to them about their weaknesses but also their strengths. A little motivation is always healthy!

We are sure each one of us has had moments where we have been confronted by our teachers for a detailed feedback session. If you as a teacher have ever given one or as a student have ever received one, feel free to share your stories. Write to us at

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