ANAND KUMAR: A tribute to the mind behind SUPER30

“You may start slow but you need to concentrate on your target. The tortoise always wins the race.”
~Anand Kumar 

Teachers Day, each year is celebrated as a mark of respect to the ones who gave us tremendous motivation to dream big and ample resources to achieve those dreams – our teachers; the very first mentors in all of our lives. They work all around the year for us, the least that we can do is appreciate their endless efforts in our own little ways.

Since this joyous day is fast approaching on 5th September, it only felt right to dedicate a few words to The Indian Mathematics educator, someone who has changed numerous lives primarily through his talent of teaching and the launch of the Super 30 class program; Anand Kumar. 

Anand Kumar, born and bought up in Patna was a clerk’s son and so he studied in a Hindi medium government school. His love for mathematics started growing from an early age to a point where all he used to do was study the subject all day and focus on writing various number theories. 

Even though he got admission to Cambridge University, his dream was shattered because of his fathers deteriorating health and poor monetary conditions. 

His never give up attitude made him travel to Varanasi every weekend on a 6-hour train journey, where he would sit in the library day and night – studying foreign math journals.  

With the right decision of putting his love for math to use, he began his own institute and grew from two to thirty students within a year. 3 years down the lane, almost 500 students were enrolled in his small institution. 

The idea of The Super 30 program came to his mind when a poor student who couldn’t afford the fee came to him with the hope of getting coached for IIT-JEE. The Super 30 Scheme is now a trust where 30 intelligent students from economically weaker backgrounds are selected and trained rigorously for the JEE mains. 

Teachers day

Achievements for Anand Kumar have been plenty. He has been appreciated by Obama,  the President of the US. The discovery channel has not only drafted a one-hour long program on the Super 30 scheme but his achievements have also been mentioned in the New York Times. However, what has always mattered to him over these materialistic awards is the recognition and respect of his students. 

Business strategy has never been Anand’s priority but has always played an important role in guiding him to reach where he is today. He believes in starting a business from whatever limited amount of resources we have and learning to avoid taking help from others. If we set our minds to something, these external factors can never become hurdles in our way to success.

Finally, Anand Kumar has a full proof mantra to success that all of us should give a try – 

  1. Utmost Patience
  2. Tremendous Efforts 
  3. Continuous Hard Work 
  4. Positive Thinking. 

In his words, “If one follows these formulas, there is nothing that can stop him/her from achieving his/her goals.” 

At the end of the day, this what all the teachers do; show us light at the end of the tunnel. They not only play a huge role in shaping our future but are also responsible for holding our hands, opening our minds, and touching our hearts. 

Even though we firmly believe that Teachers Day should be celebrated not once but each day of every year, give us a chance to wholeheartedly shout about your greatness and celebrate 5th September in a way that it reminds you of how special and rare your profession is! 

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