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  1. Awareness
COVID-19 has changed the Indian education system for good. The technological revolution which was finding it difficult to touch the Indian education system has now found its way. Earlier there was a lot of hindrance in adopting technology including inertia but all of a sudden COVID-19 has removed these obstacles. The situation hasn’t given teachers […]
  1. Awareness
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  3. Inspiration
Over the years, we have observed one trend in the Indian education system – blame coaching classes for everything! Whenever the government talks about a change in education policy, they accuse coaching institutes for creating a parallel education system. Schools criticize them for teaching only for exams. Parents sometimes indict tuitions as they have to […]
  1. Marketing
The world is no longer the same as it was before 31st December 2019, when China reported the first Covid-19 patient. Since then, the Coronavirus has taken the world as a whole as its hostage. The virus has also created enormous challenges for various industries, such as airlines and hospitality. Unfortunately, coaching classes are also […]