coaching class management

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Digital Marketing may have numerous benefits but it takes time to understand how it works. With everything increasingly becoming online in the 21st century, it becomes essential for coaching institutes to make efforts to reach the top. While institutes do not need to invest much time in marketing, the key to any successful business is […]
  1. Awareness
COVID-19 has changed the Indian education system for good. The technological revolution which was finding it difficult to touch the Indian education system has now found its way. Earlier there was a lot of hindrance in adopting technology including inertia but all of a sudden COVID-19 has removed these obstacles. The situation hasn’t given teachers […]
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Over the years, we have observed one trend in the Indian education system – blame coaching classes for everything! Whenever the government talks about a change in education policy, they accuse coaching institutes for creating a parallel education system. Schools criticize them for teaching only for exams. Parents sometimes indict tuitions as they have to […]
  1. Marketing
When you start a coaching class, the focus is often on getting the first group of customers through the door. There are many traditional marketing ways for customer acquisition, like print ads, coupon mailers, or prominent signages on the road. While these methods may be useful for some businesses, there’s a far better and cost-effective […]