Like any other small business, coaching classes also struggle with promoting their brand. Even if you are great at teaching, sometimes your brand presence may not commensurate your teaching talent. There are many limiting factors like budget, digital know-how, lack of deep understanding of student behaviors that can restrict you from marketing your classes. We had been interacting with many exceptional and distinguished teachers to learn how they built their brand over the years. We are looking to share some of those insights which can be implemented with little or no technical knowledge and at bare minimum expense. So, here are some useful tips that will help you to promote your coaching classes:

Paid marketing for your coaching classes

For marketing your coaching classes, you have to go digital – there are no two ways about it. Everyone is on mobile these days! However, the real question is which channels do you need to select for online or digital marketing. There are so many places to promote your brand that it can be a headache in itself to shortlist one or two avenues. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Online news sites, YouTube, and Instagram, are a few prominent methods, but there are many more. Also, keep in mind that different industries have different results from marketing on each of these channels. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. From our understanding of the industry, we can say with some confidence that you should only use Facebook, Google, or YouTube. Please note that Facebook automatically posts your ads on Instagram as well. You may get unsolicited advice on spreading your budget across these channels. We believe that you should experiment with all three of these with a small amount at the start. Once you know which channel gives you the best bang for bucks, put everything behind it.

Cost of user acquisition – Once you start digital ads, you will find your credit card bills getting longer and longer. Therefore, it is essential to understand how much amount you should be spending to acquire each user and try to reduce it over time. Typically, an online business strives to keep the cost of acquiring a customer less than 20% of the amount she is going to pay you. For a coaching class, you should keep this amount even lower due to thinner margins in the business.

Do it yourself or Outsource: You should always try doing it in-house even if it takes time to understand these tools. You could always seek advice from someone or hire an expert. But don’t outsource this core activity to any agencies. You would find many fake leads leading to a pretty high cost of acquisition. Your brand is your business! Don’t outsource it. 

Several articles and blogs will describe how to set up your ads on these platforms. Here are a few of them to help you:

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing has many advantages compared to paid marketing. First, the cost of acquiring users is meager. Second, the quality of leads is much more relevant. The only downside is that it takes significant time and effort.
The first step towards organically building your brand is to create your digital identity. Teachers and classes who have an active digital presence through their own blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and mobile app are considered better brands by students. While some of these may cost money and time, others are quite affordable and easy to do.

Blogs: You can set up your blogs for free on WordPress or Medium and keep on sharing insightful thoughts with your students. After setting up your accounts, all you need to do is share high-quality knowledge that your audience looks forward to reading. You can share some motivational stories of past students, or a newer way to look at an interesting problem or share a question or puzzle. Traditional wisdom says that your articles should have a minimal length and all sorts of keywords. Our take is straightforward. Add enough value to your audience by sharing real knowledge instead of just adding shallow words, and they will keep coming back. No technical optimization or backlinking can match this.

Website: We have written a detailed article on how to build your website with no technical know-how. Numerous tools let you do it in no time at all. Your website must provide all relevant information to prospective customers in a clean way. WordPress is one of our favorite tools for building a neat website. As mentioned above, you can also set up your blog using WordPress. 

Youtube: YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for educators to build their brand for free. You cannot afford to miss it at all. Here is our detailed guide on creating your coaching’s brand on YouTube.

While building your presence may be very easy at these platforms, it does take a lot of effort to grow your following. The best brands in the world are built with love, hard work, and patience. The coaching business is no different! Keep on sharing the content and knowledge that your students like, and your brand keeps on strengthening every day. 

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