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Over the years, we have observed one trend in the Indian education system – blame coaching classes for everything! Whenever the government talks about a change in education policy, they accuse coaching institutes for creating a parallel education system. Schools criticize them for teaching only for exams. Parents sometimes indict tuitions as they have to […]
  1. Awareness
The entire world is currently fighting with probably the most significant healthcare crisis ever! There is hardly any need to describe the impact of Covid-19, which has already taken 31,000+ lives and is active in 190+ countries infecting more than seven lakhs people worldwide. The repercussions of it on the economy are also going to […]
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The world is no longer the same as it was before 31st December 2019, when China reported the first Covid-19 patient. Since then, the Coronavirus has taken the world as a whole as its hostage. The virus has also created enormous challenges for various industries, such as airlines and hospitality. Unfortunately, coaching classes are also […]
  1. Science of learning
We have often heard such statements – “I am not good at math or science.” Yes, there are millions of students who struggle at learning these subjects. However, most of the time, it relates to their learning methods rather than the innate capability of learning. Research suggests that kids might be learning these subjects the wrong […]