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  2. Science of learning
Online Classes vs Regular Classes The shift in the learning and teaching culture is massive. The world of virtual classroom brings with it an enormous number of features. However, if this method of teaching was superior to an ordinary classroom, why wasn’t it implemented before? The answer to this is yes and no.  A classroom […]
  1. Marketing
Content is one of the major distinguishing factors for students deciding upon a coaching institute. From personally made written content to one-to-one video lectures, they all fall under one of the most important aspects of a coaching institute. Winuall’s App provides a pool of content that you can provide for your students. It ranges from […]
  1. Awareness
COVID-19 has changed the Indian education system for good. The technological revolution which was finding it difficult to touch the Indian education system has now found its way. Earlier there was a lot of hindrance in adopting technology including inertia but all of a sudden COVID-19 has removed these obstacles. The situation hasn’t given teachers […]