Precautions for Corona Virus in Your Coaching

Corona Virus Precaution

In the past few weeks, India has also witnessed a couple of Coronavirus cases. Before going in deep, let’s understand about what exactly Coronavirus is.

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases.

Although it’s a deadly virus, you can prepare your coaching to prevent and reduce the risk of being affected.

  • Wash your hands frequently: Keep your hands clean by regularly washing your hands with soap. Avoid hand-shakes. Instead of that, a simple Namaste 🙏would work better!
  • Keep Hand-Sanitizer in the class: Keeping Hand Sanitizers in the class will be really helpful in killing viruses that may be on your hands. You can also keep pocket sanitizer with you and use it every time before and after taking a class. Touching markers, notebooks, the board can sometimes become the primary reason for contamination.
  • Maintain distance while giving lectures: Keep at least 1-metre distance while delivering your lecture. If you’re too close to someone who’s coughing, the chances of getting infected increases a lot.
  • Send sick students home immediately: If you observe someone coughing or sneezing, send them back home.
  • Keep a First-aid kit in your coaching: Stock your coaching with necessary medical supplies. Face-masks, Hand Sanitizers, Sanitizing-wipes, biodegradable garbage bags. Allow your students to use them and throw them in the dustbin.
  • Stick Posters for awareness in the campus: Stick posters to increase awareness.
Precautions from CoronaVirus-19
Coronavirus – Awareness

As a coaching owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your students a better environment to study and take precautions against COVID-19.

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