Even though virtual teaching was not so common a few months ago, today it is the only platform we use to connect to our students and impart our knowledge to them. While most of us have struggled in the beginning, we are now thankful for the digital world. The main reason for this is that it has helped us connect with students who we could never connect with if everything was offline.

The situation of the pandemic is slowly improving and there is a high chance that offline teaching will soon resume. However, virtual teaching has developed over time. Today, its relevance, advantages, and benefits have drastically increased.

We want what is best for our tutors. For this reason, we want to share a few plus points of online teaching and how important it is to build a brand in the digital world. In the end, what matters for tutors is reaching out to maximum students and that is exactly what we aim to help with!


Believe it or not, face to face interaction limits your knowledge sharing to only just a classroom of students. When it comes to teaching online, you can reach a variety of students all around the world, choosing whatever you may wish to teach them. With online teaching, you can expand your horizons and the sky is your limit!


As the world is changing, teaching is becoming more and more hands-on and experiential. The students today are more comfortable with technology and our ultimate goal is to make sure that our students are engaged and active. The web has various quizzes, reading materials, question banks, videos, and tools that instantly catch the attention of the students. These tools, like Kahoot!, google forms, YouTube, etc. Increase productivity and participation.


Be it tuitions or teaching at school, transportation not only takes effort, but it also wastes an enormous amount of time in traveling from one place to another. There are days when you have to cancel your classes or students don`t show up just because of the transport problem or too much traffic. Online teaching will not only expand your options but also completely eradicate this problem. You can be sitting on your work desk at home and easily teaching students!


As the world changes, we need to change too. Today, there is a gradual shift from the offline world to a completely virtual one. Be it online or offline, we always need our teachers to be there and share their knowledge with as many students as possible. The new trend is to teach online, and it is important in order to stay relevant and updated.


The best part is, you do not even have to step out of your house to do something you love doing – teach! You can set up a workplace at home according to your own interests and needs, there will be no one to disturb you. It will not only be more convenient but also way easier since it is you who can take all the decisions and make any changes you may like.

The reality is that the virtual world is slowly taking over. Today, it is not only beneficial but also a necessity for tutors to have its own brand and online coaching institute. Without a doubt, the face to face interaction is important. However, what is even more important is reaching out to students who are in need of education and knowledge. This is only possible through the platform of online teaching!

Let us help you in spreading your expertise all around the world. We want to make sure that no one misses out on superhero tutors that exist in our society. If you feel we can be of any assistance or if you are in need of an online tutoring app, write to us at anoushka.chopra@winuall.com

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