Major Challenges of Online Education

challenges of online education

Are you struggling to handle online education? Or are you lacking the right platform for your education online? Whatsoever the reason might be, it may have led to the hindrance in accessing the quality education present online. There are several benefits one can take advantage of, but one is getting suppressed by the challenges faced during the learning process. This blog will let you know what possible challenges students are currently facing, which can be overcome with the slightest adjustment.


As the new era involves attaining knowledge online, the shift from the traditional way of learning to access online platforms may have been an issue for some. Due to this unexpected shift, students have faced adaptability issues. Those who have always been into the traditional way of learning, are facing a difficult time following the online method of learning. They must embrace the current educational space with a positive attitude.

Technical Issues

There may be times when the internet connection is not working in a full swing. Students face connectivity issues and as a result, they are having difficulty launching virtual learning and other programs that necessitate high to moderate internet access. A fast or slow internet connection can affect how quickly you can join the class and avoid missing any live sessions.

If you’re having trouble downloading information about the issue, or if you’re seeing blurry videos, there’s a chance you’re experiencing poor connectivity. These minor issues can be avoided by simply installing a high-speed internet connection or a router. Also, in case of a technical fault, you must contact a technical support team for resolving it as soon as possible!

Lack of Computer Knowledge 

People who didn’t get the chance to accomplish the computer-related education may lack in getting the ease of operating it. There are still many students who cannot operate MS Word, PowerPoint, and many other basic computer functions. This has led to a big difference between learning at that same pace.

Although the majority of students have adequate computer abilities and recognize the benefits of dynamic and multimedia-enhanced educational resources, a handful of individuals fail basic computer skills and/or are apprehensive of e-learning.

There is also a constant, however minor, gender gap in terms of virtualization environment and access to the internet. Students should possess some support devices that can prove helpful in resolving their technical issues, taking the help of email, online chat, or call. During the problem-solving process, the student is also advised to pay attention to your instructor.

Time Management 

When it comes to online study, several students struggle to manage their time. For many, online learning is a whole new experience that necessitates a lot of effort. People require a time management strategy to effectively organize their own time.

Compared to traditional classrooms, online learning allows you more flexibility in scheduling. However, some people have trouble adapting to the time commitment necessary for online education.

Time management is important whether you are having class in classrooms or virtually. Better learning outcomes always require hard work and effort. You can always take care of few things such as –

  • Avoiding Distraction- Positively making use of online platforms will lead you to many advantages, but getting distracted is also very easy there. Some platforms engage students for entertainment and communication which may not be very significant for students and may distract them from their studies. Choose a platform wisely, whose sole priority is imparting knowledge through easy learning and no unnecessary things. 
  • Organize the Work – This has always helped people in sorting the work. It is an effective formula to manage things better. To improve learning outcomes, try breaking down major activities into smaller ones. To complete each task, refer to this list. Ensure you stick to the plan and develop a habit that will help you manage your time effectively.
  • Avoid Multitasking – This habit is great but not always proves helpful. You cannot prioritize a specific work. Don’t always attempt to complete numerous chores at once. Execute a single specific task to avoid making your job ineffective and inefficient.


Due to this new up-gradation and shift in the mode of education, there may be students who are taking time to adjust. Specifically, the students who generally shy about reaching out to teachers for their doubts would feel a bit inconvenient in leading out a question to them.

Another reason is that it could be due to a lack of interest, a lack of technological abilities with apps and video calls, or an inability to communicate via live chats, emails, or text messages. The thing is quite opposite if one sees the positive aspect, the online mode has allowed students to connect better to their tutors and then their problems are even better solved taking help of the technologies. Thus, if a student is afraid to put his or her doubts, must not hesitate and instead take advantage of it. 

Engaging Students 

It might take some time for students to adjust to this new advent of online education. It may be difficult for students to adjust to this and also open up to teachers for communication. As a result, there may be quite less engagement seen happening through online education. On the other hand, there are students to whom these things do not matter. They are quite proactive in responding online or offline. Thus, do not miss opportunities to engage and interact with teachers

Course Content 

The study material provided online is not the traditional ones like we used to study through books. People who are habituated to learn through books feel incomplete without it. trying to adjust to this technology-based reading may take some time adjusting. It is thus advised to try adapting to the technology and take interest in the resources available. The online platform has much in-depth provision of knowledge and explanation methods. 


Adapting to the change is very hectic but youngsters are in the phase where the transition is no more a hindrance to accessing any knowledge. People are very keen to learn at this stage and will follow up on the new advent. Taking its benefits, people should consider this opportunity as a boon and try exploring more and more about it every day.

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