We all have taken Work from Home individually and we all used to love that! Staying at home, sleeping more, eating food on the bed, watching Netflix, and working together! But not everyone used to work from home together. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it has become mandatory for everyone to work from home and maintain social distancing. We, at Winuall, also started working from home exactly a month back!

On March 16th, we all sat together and discussed how could we work remotely without getting our productivity affected. Everyone started noting down strategies, productivity tools, and what could go wrong!

Tools that we started using extensively


We started using Slack like never before! Standups, Build Release Integration Notifications, Group Discussions! We made a rule to stay available on Slack till 8 PM. We started integrating applications that made deployments and work much easier.


We used to work on Google Sheets before we shifted to Airtable. App releases, handling requests, personal space, everything is maintained using Airtable! It really helped a lot to log everything and add a lot more filters to create your own dashboard. Know more about Airtable here!


StandupBuddy is a Slack integration that provides a Slack Bot asking customised questions to your team at a scheduled time. It logs responses and shows a proper timeline to visualise your Standup.


Personally, I felt using CRM as a pain in a small team. During COVID-19, we wanted to organise all the leads and sync conversations. We were looking to using a Sales CRM and came across Fresh Sales and took a product overview. It’s really simple and it was exactly offering what we wanted. Automated actions, real-time updates, managing leads and exporting reports. It’s almost been a week we started using Fresh Sales and it’s an amazing experience. If you are a startup, you could check https://www.freshworks.com/partners/startup-program/startup-india/ to get free credits.


Who doesn’t knows Zoom! Even kids are taking classes online over Zoom now. It has become a trend now! Our Standup calls, Client Demos, Code reviews, everything is over Zoom now! It’s so easy to use and has no time restrictions for one-one meeting.

LiveShare – VSCode (Extension)

For all the remote developers out there, this is a lifesaver. It enables your team to quickly collaborate on the same codebase without the need to synchronize code or to configure the same development tools, settings, or environment.


You can build better customer relationships with scalable messaging that provides a more personal experience for you and your customers via Intercom. It’s really great to engage your users, involve your tech/management/post-sales team over Intercom and assign them the conversations. We saw a huge drop in support calls after shifting to Intercom. It also helps users to understand your product better. It comes with amazing integrations like Calendly, Slack, Emails. Watch their use cases at https://www.intercom.com/resources/demos

It’s been an amazing journey working from home for our entire team! Would that completely change the mindset of remote working?

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