The shift from offline classrooms to virtual ones has been difficult for both the teachers and the students. Without a doubt, this transition is not easy. It requires a high level of self-motivation for students to focus and learn. However, it is time that we accept online classrooms as the new normal.

Our aim is to make sure that you utilize this new set up to your fullest potential and eliminate any possibility of challenges you may be facing. We feel that this setup is here to stay and the best way to make the most of it is by getting used to it. For this reason, we have collected a list of ways that will help students maximize their learning in this new normal.

Set up a Workspace

You need to find a quiet corner that you can set up as your workplace. It is only when you eliminate all possible distractions that you can completely focus on your classes. Create a space of peace so that nothing comes in the way of hindering your work.

You can also discuss your workspace with your friends and family. They will understand academics are important and might even be able to help you choose the right setup.

Time Management

Students usually work better when they have their schedule structured and decided. Put academics first and make sure you avoid late assignments. Delayed submissions will just result in assignments piling up, ultimately leaving you with less time and more work. Be aware of the timings of your classes and keep aside some extra time for personal studies. Once you have all that in place, create a schedule that suits you the best.

Take Notes and Ask Questions

When studying online, it is very easy to miss out on a topic because of various internal and network issues. Taking notes will take you a long way. It is important to make a note of everything that is being discussed since it may come in handy in the future. Just like traditional classes, taking notes will make it easier for you to retain important information.

The teachers are there to assist you and so you should ask questions as soon as you have them. It is okay to struggle with a topic, but it is not okay to not seek out for help. Your doubt may result in you not understanding any future discussions in the class.

Use Online Resources

There are ample of online materials available for you to excel in your academics. Since everything is now digital, it is only fair that we make sure our online documents are top-notch. Find out sites that check plagiarism, spelling, and grammatical errors. If there is a topic that you find challenging, search for reading materials and videos on the net.

Take Breaks

Studying and relaxing go hand in hand! Do not study to the point that you end up exhausting yourself. Take short breaks by moving away from your computer screen and taking a short walk. Once you strain your eyes too much, it gets challenging to retain what you are trying to learn. Always do work when you are in the right frame of mind.

Be Mentally Engaged

You can only achieve this if you get rid of all distractions around you. A good idea is to either keep your phone away or turn off all your social media when you are studying. Try and constantly quiz yourself to confirm if you are focused enough. If needed, watch the lectures and read the chapters again and again. Your learning will improve only when you allow yourself to be absorbed in it.

Connect with Others

Your classmates are your best asset. They will not only keep you up to date if you miss out on something, but you can also rely on them for proofreading and giving you suggestions on your assignments. Engage with everyone as if it is offline learning, that is what will get you the maximum benefits. Once you disengage, you will feel like you are not in the loop anymore; this will result in losing interest.

Adjusting can take a while. However, if you are consistent and put in the right effort, we are certain these tips will help. Also remember that times are tough and no matter what, mental health is our priority.

Each one of us reading this is either working, teaching, or studying from home. Share with us other tips and techniques that must have helped you in making this transition slightly easier. Write to us at

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