How Parents Can Help Children Cope With Exam Stress?

exam stress

As the exam time is drawing nearer, the cloud of stress looms great and heavy in the house. It is logical your child is experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety. This article will feature some handy tips for the parents that will aid them brush up their kids for the future examinations. So keep calm, and follow these simple procedures to help your child burst the exam stress!

Pay attention to their concerns

Converse about exam stress and let them know those feelings are completely usual. Be an active listener and help them to resolve any query or problem your child may face. Your child’s perspective on any subject must never be unnoticed. There should be fitting communication between you and your child. This will not only help your child get motivation but also get better her reasoning and problem-solving talents.

Monitor their studies regularly

Don’t let your demanding schedules keep your child’s studies at the back-seat. Take some time out frequently to check your child’s progress. Putting off all the arrangements for the last day will put too much weight on the child. It is only through customary sessions that you can help your child systematically understand the subject and reduce the stress on the day of the exam. So sit with your child, and chalk out a timetable so that s/he has sufficient time for revision.

Give them nutritious food

With all the focus on studies, your child’s health might get abandoned. Take special care of your child’s diet throughout exams, making sure s/he is getting sufficient healthy nuts, fresh fruits and green vegetables built-in in her diet. A nutritious diet will make sure that your child stays healthy, has enhanced concentration and gives her best throughout the exams.

Make them take breaks

Endlessly studying for extended periods of time will exhaust the brain and reduce its ability to retain knowledge. So, give confidence to your child to take small intervals of break between studies. They could take a power nap, do exercises, or pay attention to music to come out fresh.

Never judge or compare

Your child’s grade in the exams may not essentially reflect her true potential. So never question her ability on the foundation of her scores or contrast her with her peers. Abstain from saying anything that might hurt the feelings of the child. Negative words or comparison with other students will only hinder her performance in the exams. And keep in mind that exams are just one of the many challenges your child will witness. It is not the be-all and end-all of life. So, don’t fret and go on easy! 

Minimize the distractions

assign a space in the house for your child to revise in peace. make sure the space is well-lit and well ordered because clutter overloads the brain and impairs its ability to think, leading to stress. Any kind of distractions like family discussions, noise from the TV, right to use gadgets or even disturbance from the younger sibling must be avoided. Give your child the right atmosphere to study through exams to boost her performance. 

Don’t put too much pressure

Be helpful of your child and let her get ready for the exams devoid over-burdening her with unrealistic expectations. Over-pressurizing well pressures her out and unfavorably affects the results. All children learn at their own pace and extreme pressure can make them all the more anxious about the exams. Just trust in your child’s abilities.

Hope these tips will aid your child confront the dreaded exams with utmost ease, and stay stress-free during the examination. A genuine effort from your side to stand for these tips will help your child keep up with stress and form the correct outlook for exams.

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