The world is no longer the same as it was before 31st December 2019, when China reported the first Covid-19 patient. Since then, the Coronavirus has taken the world as a whole as its hostage. The virus has also created enormous challenges for various industries, such as airlines and hospitality. Unfortunately, coaching classes are also bearing the brunt of it. We wish we could say that things will calm down in a matter of a few weeks. The exponential spread of the disease and its further repercussions on the economy will leave a much lasting impact. Several economists have forecasted that the world economy is going into a recession, which will reduce the spending capacity of the masses even on essential services. There will also be psychological scars left due to this virus, which will prevent people from going out, especially to crowded places. This tough time for businesses can last for 6-18 months, if not more. How can you, a coaching classes owner or a tutor, can navigate this difficult time. 

Live classes and digitization is the answer! Many edtech firms have been able to generate a lot more revenue and traction because of their strong technology backbone. Students are getting hooked to these apps, which are replacing teacher-students interaction – maybe forever. So, if they can use this time to their advantage, why can’t you? 

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Winuall has brought “Free Live Classes” to all educators so that they can keep their classes going. Rather than losing your students to other apps, you can have them on your app. You can manage entire end-to-end operations of your coaching class ranging from admissions, fee collections, communication in a few minutes. You can also supplement your live lectures with live quizzes and then shared detailed analytics with students to keep them engaged. Join 300+ other educators who are teaching on their app and navigating this difficult time. Don’t become one of the thousand unknown vendors on an education marketplace app. Build and grow your brand with your own app! Try now!  

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The Government have cancelled all Class 10 Board Exams and they have decided to postpone Class 12 Exams. This decision taken for the rising coronavirus cases in the country by our honourable PM Narendra Modi. Besides, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pakhriyal Nishank were also a part of the meet. CBSE Board Exams won’t get conducted […]
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Transitioning from offline exams to an online exam mode can be hard for not only students but teachers too. The responsibility of creating a proper framework and making sure that everything goes smoothly falls on the teachers. The duty of the teachers is to oversee two things. First, students should be confident and prepared. Second, […]
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This journey is of an aspiring Edupreneur who has not only achieved numerous milestones in various fields but is someone who is creating a significant mark in the education sector. Mr. Alok Daiya, Founder, Director and Chief Mentor of Edification Academy Pvt. Ltd. has been running the institute for over 5 years now. It is […]