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Online Classes vs Regular Classes The shift in the learning and teaching culture is massive. The world of virtual classroom brings with it an enormous number of features. However, if this method of teaching was superior to an ordinary classroom, why wasn’t it implemented before? The answer to this is yes and no.  A classroom […]
  1. Science of learning
Educators, Politicians, Teachers, and Parents all over the world want the next generation to apply their understanding of Math, Science, and Language. Still, providing quality education and improving educational outcomes has proved to be complicated. A few governments have managed huge leaps, but most continue to struggle. Educators continue to figure out what works and […]
  1. Science of learning
We have often heard such statements – “I am not good at math or science.” Yes, there are millions of students who struggle at learning these subjects. However, most of the time, it relates to their learning methods rather than the innate capability of learning. Research suggests that kids might be learning these subjects the wrong […]