Career options to consider after engineering.

Engineering career options

Engineering is a field that even though challenging, opens us up to a wide variety of options and opportunities. It is absolutely natural to explore and try out new options. However, it is also practical and important to plan in advance. Sometimes, researching the web can leave us confused. Probably because of the unlimited number of websites and different options each of them has.

To make it easy for you, let us talk about a few career options that you can consider after engineering. This blog is no less than a guide that will help you get better clarity of what path you want to pursue in the future.


There are many students who are not satisfied with just an undergraduate course and so they set out to do higher studies in India or Abroad. The most common exam for Mtech is GATE – Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering. Clearing this test can open opportunities for admissions in quite a few prestigious colleges.

Mtech is known as MS in the foreign world. There are two different types of degrees, MS Research and MS by course work. While the former is suitable for the ones who are interested in research, the later for the ones who wish to take up industrial work in the future.

Higher studies can also help you get an edge over your competitors and increase your chances of getting a job in the future.


Sometimes, it is difficult to get a full-time job right after completing your Btech graduation. There are ample of internship options for engineers, both in India and abroad. Internships will expose you to the real world where the real work happens. They will not only prepare you for the workplace but will also make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

If you are good at what you do and meet all requirements at the firm, you may soon also be offered a full-time job.


Teaching can either be taken as a full time or a part-time job. Engineers who have an interest in teaching children can take up this profession. As part-time, you can also give coaching classes to students who want to take up engineering in the future. This will not only help you gather more knowledge, but is also a good source of income.

Teaching Career


These are companies that lie within the state, the central, or both the government sectors. The companies check your GATE score as criteria and different PSUs announce different required GATE scores for application each year. The competition for these jobs is quite high since they provide you with good money and security.

To make everything a little easier for you, here are a few PSUs that hire engineers – BHEL, NALCO, IOCL, Hindustan Copper Limited, Indian Government Mint, Vizag Steel, Indian Oil, etc.


To get a job in a private sector company, you can either rely on on-campus placements or you can do some research of your own. What you can do from your side is to have a solid profile on LinkedIn, constantly looking for companies that are hiring. Make sure that your resume is top-notch, including all your strengths, skills, and expertise areas.

With new job profiles emerging and job vacancies opening up, the private sector holds ample opportunities for Btech graduates.


To get into this field, you will have to get an MBA, one of the most preferred courses after Btech. Most companies prefer employees with experience of both MBA and Btech as compared to only a Btech graduate. For MBA, you will have to give the CAT exam (Common Aptitude Test) basis which your admission in institutes will take place. Apart from this, there is GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) that is mandatory in most colleges in order for you to get admission to a business school.

This will get you various managerial roles both in India and abroad. This is not only one of the highest paying jobs, but it is also suitable for those who want to climb up the corporate ladder quickly. A person with both these degrees has the chance of working with some of the largest global companies.


Many Btech graduates choose this option because they want to run their own business and be their own boss. To get into this sector, all you need to do is have a unique business idea.

For budding entrepreneurs, there are a lot of startup incubators that are available at your disposal to help you figure things out. Joining an incubator will help you get a head start on your entrepreneurial journey. AngelPrime and CIIE IIMA are two of the most known incubators in India.

Business Career


A Btech graduate can find employment in all 3 wings of the armed forces – The Indian Army, The Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy. The joining criteria for each of these wings are different.

The Indian Army requires technically sound professionals who can be of good support to the troops. You can join the army through TGC (Technical Graduate Course) and SSC tech entry schemes. For the Air Force, you can either join the technical squad or the ground squad. For this, you need to clear AFCAT (Air Force Common Admissions Test). Finally, for the Indian Navy, you need to clear SNAES (Special Naval Architects Entry Scheme).


This is for those engineers who want to give back or serve the nation. For this, you need to crack the UPSC examination. It is recommended that you start preparations at least a year in advance. The exam has 3 stages – Preliminary exam, main exam, and an interview.

Candidates who have a very good score can get prestigious positions like IAS, IPS or IFS.


This profession without a doubt will provide you long term job security and a satisfactory salary package. Analytical and Communication skills are two assets needed for banking and engineers possess both. In fact, banks are also adapting to new technologies and this is often of interest to engineers. If you are growth-oriented, this is the perfect field for you.

Banking career

Just like any other profession, engineering requires dedication and hard work. We want you to have a bright future just as much as you do. However, we also want to make sure that the decision that you take is aligned with your passion and interests.

If you have any more options that you would like to talk about or any career experience that you are interested in sharing, write to us at

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