Career Opportunities after NEET Exam – A Guide


National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, also known as NEET is an entrance exam in India for students who wish to study Undergraduate medical courses in Government and Private institutions. The syllabus broadly includes physics, chemistry, biology taught in the 11th and 12th grade as prescribed by the NCERT.

Even though preparing and appearing for the exam requires a lot of hard work, the journey of the students is just beginning. The most important part is to figure out the various career options that one has after clearing NEET. There are ample courses, but it is important to weigh each and every one of them to take a practical decision. This blog has a list of some of the best career options students can pursue after NEET.

MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

This is a 5-year course. The curriculum contains complete practical knowledge of performing standard medical procedures. Students are taught what investigations will be useful for a patient and what the best treatment options are. The course also has a 12-month long internship where the student is exposed to various specialties of medicine. Apart from this, the student gets an experience of ward management, staff management, and counseling skills.

BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery

This is a 4-5 year course, depending on whether you opt for an internship or no internship. It is one of the most sought after courses. Students learn about the process of treatments that exist – Surgical Treatments, Dental Anatomy, Dental Materials, Community Dentistry, Radiology, and much more. The course involves lectures, group discussions, demonstrations, conferences, and numerous seminars.

An added advantage of the course is that you have the option of pursuing it either as a full-time or a part-time graduate student.

BHMS – Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

This course is of 5 years and has recently become extremely popular. Since the changing times have made people shift to homeopathy, this seems like a good field to make your career in. It is no less than an alternative form of medicine. The course is globally known because allopathic medicine is preferred all around the world, for different long term disorders.

BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

This is a 5 and a half year course that provides basic education about Ayurveda and how it can change the future of medicine. The knowledge imparted is basic and fundamental in nature, all about the subjects of Ayurveda.

The aim is to make students contribute to the medical and health services of the country. The student can pursue to become a teacher, a research scholar, surgeon, Ayurvedic physician, etc.

BPT – Bachelor of Physiotherapy

This is a 4-year course. It focuses on the use of physical therapy, massages, physical movements, and exercise to improve and cure injuries, deformities, and diseases. The course contains basic topics like Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Exercise therapy, and Electrotherapy. Some other important sections of physiotherapy are- diagnosis, examination, and assessment of the condition.

Explore studying abroad

Studying medical out of India has become very popular. This is mainly because of the shortage of medical seats in India. There are so many students who apply for medical courses each year, that the competition is tough. You get to skip the stiff competition. It is true that colleges abroad are way more expensive. However, there are also a lot of scholarship opportunities based on your marks and merit. If you wish to, you can come back after your studies and set up your career in India.

The foreign medical universities are not only recognized by the Medical Council of India but they are also more hands-on and experiential in terms of academic teaching.

Study abroad
Consider taking a gap year

Studying medicine is no cakewalk. Our minds need to relax and sometimes even go for a long break in order to start again with more enthusiasm and energy. If you feel your reasons for taking a drop year, go ahead with it. Even though this option was not considered to be a good one a few years ago, the changing times have made people understand the importance of pausing academically and picking up from where you left a year after.

Gap Year

Without a doubt, the options are endless. However, at the end of the day, you need to choose what suits your interests the most. There is no point in deciding on a course if your heart is not in it. We want the best for both our students and teachers. For this reason, we want to show them the light at the end of the tunnel and help them make important career choices.

We would love to hear about your career choices or your experience of giving the NEET exam. In fact, it might even be of help to students who are struggling and looking for some clarity. Write to us at

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