Avyukt Academy – A teaching empire built by the Agrawal Sisters

We realized that teaching was our passion, and we turned what we love doing, into a career.”

It is true that teachers are our real superheroes. Teachers are the ones who guide and mentor us whether it be good or bad times. One such inspiring story is of the superwomen who run Avyukt Academy, Shraddha, and Pallavi Agrawal. They offer to teach school level students all subjects including Kannada. Their story deserves to be shared with everyone since it ignites hope and implicates that with true dedication, anything is possible.

Both of them started teaching at an early age. However, professional teaching for them began in Delhi. It was in the form of personal one on one tuitions that they used to conduct during the evening. Initially, they had to say no to numerous admissions since they did not have provisions for a proper academy.

The sisters soon realized that no matter where they go, there is a need for teaching. With the support of their parents, they started a proper academy in 2017, in Bangalore.


The best part of the academy is their method of teaching. The sisters teach small batches of 5 students, making sure it is interactive, enjoyable, and fun learning. The setup is not at all strict since they wanted to do something different from how it is in schools. The students come to the academy, talk about their day, and then gradually move on to studies. The timetable is flexible and the sisters teach through hands-on and experiential activities that students love.

Students in academy


The sisters believe that students should not be pressurized or forced into mugging up the syllabus. They should love studying as they love playing outdoors and hence, it should be a part of their daily routine. It should be something they do with their whole heart, not because they are forced to.

The academy is so considerate that when they see the students exhausted or tired from a long day, they sometimes cancel classes and organize games so that they can relax and interact!

Parents need to understand that each kid has their own aptitude and capabilities, and none of them deserves to feel weak or lesser than the others.


The sisters realized their love for teaching at a very early age. It all started at school. In fact, they used to make notes for kids younger than them, take the money and use it as their pocket money!

During their professional teaching tenure in Delhi, they had a variety of students for whom they designed the curriculum, timetable, and extracurricular activities. After this experience, they realized they wanted to do this full time. Moreover, both the sisters love being around children and are extremely passionate about them!

When it comes to inspiration, both the sisters give credit to their parents. Both of them have worked hard since their childhood and have encouraged their daughters no matter what. Even though both of them had to face society and answer a lot of their questions, they never lost hope. They bought about a change by proving that not only 2 brothers, but 2 sisters too can work together and succeed.


We all are well aware that every good business faces numerous challenges along the course of their journey. A challenge that is worth mentioning and was faced by the Agrawal Sisters is of a financial nature.

Initially, it was difficult for them to start up since they had no support or any experience. They decided to be independent and arranged money by working for at least 12 – 15 hours each day. Saving money for the future became a habit for both of them. In fact, they did not even have a single penny when they started off in Bangalore. They took tuitions for a while and then started the academy completely on their own, with no external support.


Now that the academy has also gone digital because of the pandemic, the sisters have great future plans. Their long term goal is to reach the maximum amount of children and make people realize the value of education.

They want to reach into rural areas and teach children who do not have any provisions. The plan is to charge a minimal fee that is affordable by all. They do not want to give it for free since they don`t want to imply that education can be taken for granted or do anything that might reduce its value. In fact, their reach has already expanded to a small town in Bihar where students are benefitting from the academy`s services. The sisters also want to increase the literacy rate all around India and even outside India.

Agrawal Sisters

Finally, the Agrawal sisters believe that there are 3 traits that each student should try and follow. Firstly, time management, where the 24 hours are divided wisely, and the student makes sure that it is utilized to the fullest. Secondly, it is discipline that makes us strong and independent. It not only makes people respect us more, but lets us peacefully exist in society. Lastly, hard work and effort are two traits that will help us reach our final goal. We should have a never give up attitude and should not get lazy in pursuing what we want to.

This story makes us want to work hard, put in extra efforts, and make sure that we pursue what we love. It is a privilege to be taught by such teachers and this is our way of paying a tribute to them!

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