Top 6 Apps for Teachers by Government of India

The world is taking a shift to be more digitized. And while the pandemic did play a significant role in it, the change was long due anyway. The advancement of technology urges each one to keep up with it. And that’s exactly what has inspired quite a few changes in the world and in the […]

How STEM Technology can help in Education

Undeniably, the education industry is the most evolving field lately. And another trend in this interface is STEM education. So before we jump into how it can help and its importance, let’s understand what it is all about. STEM is the abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This is a technique that focuses on […]

Top Scholarships for Students in India

When a student hears/ reads the word scholarship they sure get excited. Owing to the fact that, a scholarship is a grant awarded for the students, to help them study further and thence build their future. This amount deduction especially helps the less privileged to not give up on their dreams and clip their wings. […]

Why Extra-Curricular Activities Are Important

Before jumping into the benefits and importance of it, let’s understand what extra-curricular activities really mean. These are activities that one pursues in addition to the normal course of study. Anything else you do apart from your curricular, that is, from your everyday school work is classified as extracurricular. And while extra co-curricular activities are […]

Teaching Strategies for Learning Disabilities

How can learning disabilities be detected? What teaching strategies might help students with learning disabilities? What strategies might help students with learning disabilities to develop a more positive sense of self? Conclusion Primarily, one must understand that a learning disability/ difficulty doesn’t mean that your child is lazy, dull or unmotivated. Neither is it a […]

How to create a Mindmap when Studying?

What is a mindmap? How do I create a mndmap? Benefits of a mindmap Conclusion What is a mindmap? Psychological research states that writing things leads to better learning as the information better sticks to your memory. And that’s exactly where techniques like mindmapping come into the picture. For it is all about jotting down […]

How To Use Mnemonics In Studies?

Define mnemonic study What are some examples of mnemonics? What are 6 types of mnemonics? Do mnemonics really work? Define mnemonic study Mnemonics is a technique for memorizing information. Also explained as an instructional strategy designed to help students improve their memory and remember larger pieces of information. It is any learning technique that aids […]

Top 5 Effective Study Methods

Studying can be hard at times, especially when you are trying to grab everything in the textbook in a short while. But the good news is that there are some really effective study methods that each one of us can acquire and make the process a lot more productive and enjoyable.  If you often think […]

How can group studies help you learn better?

Every student has a different learning style, while some learn better when alone, others have to repeat it a couple of times to remember it, and then there are some who learn best through group studies. And while we don’t assert that one option is better than the other, we are sure that one of […]

Back to school checklist for Teachers

It’s that time of the year again where though you are still in the holiday mood, at the back of your head you are aware that it’s almost time for a new academic year. And while we know it’s not easy to get out of the holiday mood, we can also not forget that teachers […]

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