Back to school checklist for Teachers

It’s that time of the year again where though you are still in the holiday mood, at the back of your head you are aware that it’s almost time for a new academic year. And while we know it’s not easy to get out of the holiday mood, we can also not forget that teachers […]

Importance of Digital literacy for teachers

It’s no secret that the world has taken a shift towards digitalization. Its effects are seen in not only the entertainment and telecom industry, but in the work world, and the education industry too. And the fact that it simplifies tasks and increases reach, are major reasons that solidify that this advancement is here to […]

What Is Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Learning Styles?

Everyone is different, with different skills and abilities. And each of these varied learners has different learning styles too. A style/ method which would work best for them, such that it helps them understand more and remember for longer. In other words, a way in which the person absorbs and learns the best, is their […]

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