About US


India is evolving, and with it comes the evolution of India’s educational landscape. In this rough and tough world of ours today, competition is key. The race to get into India’s premier Educational institutions is brutal and preparation for these same exams have been made into a for profit industry intent on furthering their own monetary goals rather than a child’s academic ones. The solution is a personalized preparation schema which will help every individual child in his own unique problems.

Learning has never been made so easy. Winuall is your superbly crafted answer to accomplish every one of the breakthroughs you have dependably thought of. Have you generally thought going an additional mile for your children and considered how to do as such? All things considered, Winuall helps you take that additional mile as well as helps you emerge of the crowd. How about we make Managing and education somewhat more fun?

Winuall is one of the best emerging software start-ups in the education sector. By providing a software solution to institutes, schools, and coaching services to manage their faculties & students and conduct examinations and quizzes by using question databases and generate insightful in-depth student reports with just a single click.

We help parents track their children/ward’s performance results, perseverance through SMS. We allocate dedicated customer support to our clients. We support the institute's dream to get their tenants into engineering & medical colleges by providing helpful & accurate contents of Engineering & Medical studies from which students can gain insight and accomplish their dreams.

Winuall helps all category of students to compare themselves & analyze in depth by comparing their result with everyone of their competitors & work on their weaknesses and strengthen their cores.


Our vision is to make a particular Institution’s contents reachable & accessible to each corner of the country which is made by the evangelist of the subject covered by our syllabi. Our vision is to mitigate the complexity of creating quizzes & questions for examination through D3 (Drag, Drop & Deploy) method. Also with the deployment of huge question banks we aim to cover each and every aspect of a particular subject as well as see that no question repeats the scope of a topic.