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Why We Built it

Being alumni from an institute at Kota, we ourselves have faced the issue of not being able to find answers even after tirelessly searching in the books, notes and the internet. So to solve this we founded Winuall.
Usually when a student comes across a question that he is not able to solve it should be shown immediately, because over the course of time it get’s forgotten. So we created a source of information where you can ask questions and get it answered by experts from Kota. For us quality is always paramount. Every Winuall expert is verified by us so that you can get the best.


  • Is this app free?

    Yes, it is completely free. All our services are aimed at creating a better ground online for education.

  • Who answers our questions?

    All question are answered by our experts. And they can then be commented and discussed to make them better by the students.

  • Are there any restrictions on the number of questions that I can ask?

    We award you 500 credits on sign-up that can be used to ask questions. They can also be earned through answering questions.

  • How are the experts chosen?

    After rigorous interviews and a test, we choose the teachers that are able to communicate well.

  • How do I become an expert?

    Please visit, https://www.winuall.com/careers.


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Ashwini Purohit


Ashwini Purohit

I always wanted to make an online platform where students can share their doubts. This helps a lot in preparation.

Vijay Nandwani


Vijay Nandwani

I understand that learning new things isn't an easy task. I am always learning.

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